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    Save Green
    Going Green

    Save green by going green at the Wayne Auto Spa full service car care center

    Read about our state-of-the-art technology

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    3 Reasons to Choose Wayne Auto

    by Rob Burke

    Owner & Operator Rob Burke gives you 3 good and simple reasons why to choose Wayne Auto Spa

    Three Simple Reasons to Choose Us
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    The Greenhouse Project

    for homeless mothers and their kids

    Join the Kickstarter Campaign

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    Car Care Center

    Car Wash, Quick Lube, Brakes, Tires, All Fluids Flushed, Filled & Filters Replaced - All the Services You Need for Your Car

    Done professionally, efficiently, and with a commitment to customer service

    Full Service
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    FREE car wash & vacuum for every tire purchased.

    FREE lifetime tire rotation...

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Why Did The Chickens Cross The Road?


To get to Wayne Auto Spa

Get a FREE car wash (including vacuum) with every oil change….Visit our Victory Garden…See Our Chickens

Car Wash- Quick Lube- Tires- Brakes- Pads&Rotors Replaced- Tire Rotation- Windshield Wipers- Air Filters- Motor Flush- Engine Cleaning- Diesel Exhaust Fluid- Cabin Air Filters- Transmission Fluid Flush & Fill- Radiator Fluid Flush & Fill- Serpentine Belt Replacement- Power Steering Fluid Flush & Fill- Fuel System Cleaning- Fuel Filter Replacement….

….AND Now Selling Tires

Open Mon. – Sat. 7:30a to 6 p; Sun. 8:30a – 4p

Quick Lube Open Rain or Shine